The NZSAS Trust and the NZSAS Association

The NZSAS Trust

The NZSAS Trust is a tax registered charitable trust that was established in 2004 to look after all individuals who have actively served in or been posted to the New Zealand Special Air Service, and their dependents, and any person who served in the Long Range Desert Group, Special Operations Executive, Special Operations Australia, and ‘Z’ Special Unit.

The objectives of the NZSAS Trust are four-fold:

  • To provide welfare assistance
  • To provide support and financial assistance to maintain a reasonable quality of life (for members)
  • To provide support and financial assistance in time of crisis
  • To provide support and financial assistance for further education and vocational training


  • His Excellency Lt Gen The Right Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM, QSO

The Trust is supported by a management advisory board. The Advisory Board’s role is to monitor and vet what is placed before the Trustees; however the final decision on disbursements from the Trust is solely at the discretion of the Trustees. Supporting this Advisory Board are three sub-committees: Welfare, Resettlement and Education, and Fundraising.

It is the responsibility of the New Zealand Government to support the Unit as a key operational provider within the New Zealand Defence Force. The purpose of the Trust is to provide current, retiring, and past members with welfare support in order that they can enjoy continued quality of life. The Trust also seeks to ensure that the contribution made by members of the NZSAS while they have served can continue by assisting them into other worthwhile vocations in civilian life.

Bell Gully provides advice and legal support, and PwC provides accounting advice.

NZSAS Trust website:

The NZSAS Association

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To support the NZSAS and its members as far as is practicable
  • To assist in the welfare of people who are or were eligible for membership of the Association
  • To foster and encourage an interest in the history of the Special Air Service
  • To liaise and cooperate with kindred special forces and other similar military organisations
  • To foster and encourage membership of the Association

The membership of the Association shall consist of the following classes:

Full Member. This class shall be open to all persons who are recorded as having been on the posted strength of a Special Air Service unit for a period in excess of 28 days before 1 January 1990 and for in excess of 90 days after 1 January 1990.

Associate Member. This class shall be open to a widow or surviving partner, or in the case of a single member, immediate kinsfolk, of a person who, at the time of his / her death, was eligible for full membership.

Honorary Member. This very restricted class who do not meet the membership Rule 7(a) shall be of individuals recommended by the Association Executive Committee to a panel comprising the Patron, President, Colonel Commandant, and the Commanding Officer who must make a unanimous decision to approve the individual’s membership.

    The Regimental Sergeant Major is a member of the NZSAS Association Executive Committee.

    NZSAS Association website:

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