Headquarters Joint Forces New Zealand

HQ Joint Forces Crest

Headquarters Joint Forces New Zealand (HQ JFNZ) was established at Trentham on 01 July 2001 to support the Commander Joint Forces New Zealand (COMJFNZ) in his command of assigned forces. These forces essentially include all deployable NZDF Force Elements.

COMJFNZ Responsibilities and Functions

COMJFNZ is responsible to CDF for operational-level command and control of all joint and/or combined (international) operations and exercises. In practice, this means virtually all NZDF operations and major exercises. The Headquarters also supports COMJFNZ and the three component commanders in the planning for, and command and conduct of, various tactical-level operations and exercises.

This especially concerns activities by RNZN and RNZAF elements where there is often no intermediate tactical-level headquarters between HQ JFNZ and individual Force Elements.

The Service Chiefs of Staff continue to command their own Services in their primary role of raising, training and sustaining their Service. In effect, the Chiefs of Staff are responsible for generating and sustaining NZDF military capabilities and COMJFNZ is responsible for employing such capabilities on operations (and major exercises).

The three single-Service component commanders: the Maritime Component Commander (MCC), the Land Component Commander (LCC), and the Air Component Commander (ACC), are responsible to COMJFNZ, and their respective Service Chiefs, for generation and sustainment of that Service's capabilities. This particularly includes bringing assigned forces to their Directed Level of Capability (DLOC). The component commanders also play an important part in planning and supervising NZDF operations and collective training - through their high-level advice to COMJFNZ and HQ JFNZ staff, their input to headquarters planning processes, and their technical control of operational standards, safety, doctrine and preparedness reporting.

As well as supervising the conduct of operations and exercises, the headquarters undertakes operational-level contingency planning and implements the NZDF exercise and activity programme.

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