Services in Support of the Government and the Community

NZDF supports the Government and New Zealand with a wide variety of services ranging from ceremonial support and training assistance, to emergency support and search and rescue.

Tasks include:

  • The Air Force has a P3 Orion and an NH90 helicopter at continuous two-hour readiness to take-off, or divert from other activities, for search and rescue missions and/or any other contingency operations within New Zealand or South Pacific.
  • The Air Force supports the National Maritime Co-ordination Centre in conducting routine patrols of the NZ and South Pacific EEZs, and surveillance of the Southern Ocean fisheries.  
  • The Navy regularly works together with a range of Government Agencies (Customs, Fisheries, Police, Conservation) on operational patrols to monitor and maintain the integrity of New Zealand’s maritime borders. The combined patrols have been highly successful in recent years, preventing potential Customs offences and identifying offences that have resulted in convictions.
  • The Navy Dive Team can support emergency tasks, including under-water search and EOD.
  • EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) personnel regularly assist Police and the Fire Service throughout New Zealand to make safe a range of ordnance and improvised explosive devises.
This page was last reviewed on 16 May 2016.